We are located right in Ghiradelli Square, so you can cook with a beautiful view:

851 Beach Street

San Francisco, California 94109



  • What to Wear: We recommend comfortable clothes that you can move and groove in for the ultimate success. Closed-toed shoes are required. We will provide aprons to protect your clothes.​

  • BYOB: Bring your own wine & beer to enjoy while you cook and dine.

  • Keep Hydrated: The kitchen is hot! We tend to work up a sweat during the faced-paced competition. To keep you hydrated, we provide glasses and a large jug of water for you to help yourself to.


  • Arrive on time: We encourage you to be like Switzerland and arrive punctually. We will welcome your group in at the decided start time when everyone has arrived. The competition begins when everyone is present to learn all of the rules of the game. Latecomers are discouraged as to ensure the ultimate experience for those present.

  • First 15 Minutes: The beginning is for getting comfortable in the space - putting on aprons, washing hands and pouring beverages to enjoy during the experience. Once everyone is settled, Chefs will introduce themselves and we will dive into the rules of the game.

  • Your Stuff: We have a cubby area to welcome jackets and backpacks. We even have a few phone chargers! A few large suitcases can fit, but it gets tight with more than 2-3. If you are traveling from out of town, please do your best to leave the suitcase at your office or in your hotel to keep the space free for everyone to relax.


  • Equipment: We will provide all basic items needed in the kitchen - aprons, cutting boards, knives, towels, measuring cups, etc. If you have a prefered knife that you would like to bring for your own use, feel free to do so!

  • Teams: We break the group up into teams with our unbiased knowledge of the group. No need to choose your teams in advanced - it’s luck of the draw!

  • Ingredients: We will have a mini grocery store of all sorts of ingredients that everyone will be able to grab from. At the start of the 60 minute competition, all teams grab ingredients at the same time, and once an ingredient is gone, it’s gone!


  • Planning: Each team has 15 minutes to plan their dish - how they will incorporate the secret ingredient, how they will follow the theme we give them, and how they will plate the dish for success! Our expert Chefs are here to help guide teams in a successful direction.

  • Cooking: When the 15 minute planning period is up, the 60 minutes begin! Teams race for ingredients, cook their dishes, clean as they go, and plate the final masterpiece before the 60 minutes is up and all hands are in the air!​

  • Judging: Each team will present their dishes to our professional Chefs. Chefs will taste each dish, give feedback, and then take dishes to the back for final evaluation. Meanwhile, teams, dig into a buffet of their dishes and sit down to enjoy and taste each others’ creations. Judges come out after everything has been tasted by the team, and the awards begin!


  • Silicon Chef Competitions: The classic cooking competition! Book as far in advance as 3 months, and as soon as one week before the date. Silicon chef is open for groups of 8 or more. Choose your ideal date, as well as an afternoon (12pm) or evening (5pm) starting time. Slots are first-come first-served and a date is locked in when payment has been made and a liability contract is signed.

  • Book A Series: Do you have multiple team-building dates coming up? Perhaps you have multiple teams in your company who might like to compete? Purchase a series of 4 or more competitions for a discounted rate. Inquire for pricing!​

  • Compete Against Another Company: Uber vs. Lyft? Who’s it going to be? Let us know if you want to take another company on! We can host groups of 4+ from each side. You can sign up with another company, or open yourself up for us to find a perfect company ready to compete against your team!​

  • Cancelling: You can cancel up to one month in advance for a refund. If you need reschedule, we need one week’s notice and will work with you to move your date to anytime within one month after your original date. Classes book up fast, so make sure to claim your date as soon as you are confirmed with your team!

  • Cooking Classes: Yes, that’s right, we offer cooking classes too! If you’re not in the mood for a grueling competition, we can guide your team through a lively cooking class. Take a look at some options here (link).